Belarus is landlocked country and use ports of neighborhood countries for delivery containerized cargo by sea.

Our company cooperate with reliable partners in Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Latvian ports which allow us to be fast reacting on changes in voluntary shipping World and to offer  the customer the best possible solutions for Belarusian cargo.

Port Klaipeda

Main transit port to/from Belarus is Lithuanian port Klaipeda. This port is the nearest for main of Belarusian locations and is characterizing with clear transit procedures and good level of services rendered. One more advantage for Klaipeda is the fact that this is only one non-freezing port among all Baltic ports.


Latvian Riga port is very similar to Klaipeda, but usually can be interested transit point for North-East region of Belarus.


Ukrainian ports Odessa and Ilychevsk are the most long distance ports for Belarus, but in same time can make strong competition to Baltic transit. Thanking to regular service of railway train “Viking” inland delivery to Belarus transit via Ukraine is only for few hundred US dollars more expensive than transit via Baltic ports. Ukrainian market is characterized by big competition between global carriers, especially from Far East and South East Asia regions: some carriers use direct call to Odessa/Ilychevsk from this area by ultra panamax and greater size vessels. Among the biggest worldwide shipping lines Mediterranean and Black sea trades are served by number of local carriers which can offer good service level what also push rates down.