Additional services

Cargo insurance

It is not a secret that Carriers and Freight forwarders liability for cargo damage and loss is limited by international and local law. In order to provide the full safety for your cargo and business we strongly recommend to arrange full insurance on “ALL RISKS ARE COVERED” conditions. If you need our support we are ready to offer very attractive insurance conditions for your cargo.

Custom Clearance

We are not experts in custom clearance, but we know that Belarusian custom legislation require professional support for the Customer. We cooperate with leading custom brokers companies in Belarus and we will be glad to help you to make correct decision on custom clearance partner in Belarus.

Representing foreign companies interests in Belarus

If your company has some business in Belarus this is not obligatory to establish and take expenses for own representation there. We will be glad to represent your interests in our country: we can negotiate any matter with your supplier or consumer on your behalf, check needed information, represent you in relations with state authorities, arrange the control on stuffing and unstaffing and many other things upon your request. You can be sure that we will do it professionally, confidentially and thinking exclusively from your interests.

For shipping lines and freight forwarders we are ready to offer full agent and sub-agent service in Belarus including arranging container depot, logistic services on special conditions, container’s maintenance, collecting payment on the principal behalf, documentary operations and other services according your need.